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Building Strong Foundations


Equipping you to stand firm in the storms of life

Building Strong Foundations is a Christian Spirituality course that interweaves Christian faith practices and counselling models as a way to explore and strengthen group members in their personal relationship with God and themselves.

The course looks at what can get in the way of our secure attachment to God and may prevent us from having a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Participants will explore the following themes:


Can I trust God to love and care for me when I am going through a hard time? 


The role of the harsh inner critic and the Accuser.


Forming a Christ-centred identity as a child of God who is wanted, belongs, and is valued by God.

Building Strong Foundations is made up of eight weekly two-hour sessions including an optional day-long retreat, and is run during all four terms of the year.


What We Provide


A safe space to be where you are at on your journey.


A warm, welcoming environment that facilitates connection and support.


Privacy and autonomy with regards to sharing personal information.

Three Golden Rules
  • Confidentiality

  • No judgement

  • No fixing

Reviews & Testimonials

Building Strong Foundations has gone through a rigorous review process. Pastor Erik Schilperoort has reviewed the Christian Spirituality content and Shiree De Veth has reviewed the counselling model component.

This course has also been reviewed by a group of eight participants from various backgrounds including social work, counselling, and pastoral care. Testimonials from the participants are included below.

"It is my privilege to endorse the Building Strong Foundations course - which I was asked to review from Biblical and spirituality perspectives. The course invites the participants to deeply engage with core Christian principles such as identity, suffering, and the Christ-centred journey from brokenness to wholeness. The teaching content cleverly interweaves Narrative Therapy throughout. Most importantly, the course has a strong focus on praxis - where participants are given practical ways to apply truths to their lives.

The day-long retreats provide safe spaces for guided reflection via time to listen to and respond to God. I believe many people will be greatly helped through this course."

— Erik Schilperoort,

Church Care Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church

(Bachelor of Applied Theology, Diploma in Pastoral Leadership, Certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education - Level 1)

"What I appreciate about this study is that it introduces each topic in a myriad of ways, using short video clips, bible verses, personal testimony, group discussion and thought-provoking questions to help the participant to have fun engaging with the topic while being challenged around some of the harder issues we face as Christians. The course also includes time for deeper reflection and the opportunity to look deeper at participant’s relationship with God, while also looking at how they feel and see themselves and how that fits with being a child of God.

Because of the type of questions Bronwyn has asked in the study participants are likely to find themselves not only engaging with the topic on an intellectual level but also on a very emotional and personal level. Bronwyn and her team have spent a lot of time and discussion working out how to make the group a space that is both safe and reflective for participants."

— Shiree De Veth

(BCouns, MNZCCA, Supervisor)

"Ko Matawhaura Te Maunga, Ko Rotoiti a kite a Ihenga te Moana, Ko Te Arawa te Waka, Ko Ngati Pikiao te Iwi,Ko Ngati Temateatutahi me Kawiti oku Hapu, Ko Tapuaehararu te Marae, Ko Te Tikao Te Tangata, Ko Huia Haunui ahau.

Currently I live and work in the Tauranga area. Approximately 8-9 weeks ago a friend asked if I'd be interested in attending a pilot type Christian course Building Strong Foundations. I met with a facilitator who explained the course content and provided a  brief overview of the purpose and content. After that meeting I agreed to participate as a test subject with others. The interview was friendly and professional.

Approximately eight weeks later, we are coming to the end and I've found the course to have been inspiring and touching at the same time. By touching I mean as in a “touch of God” and I speak honestly; I believe nearly every session I experienced this, whether listening to and watching  a video testimony or a praise and worship song. The content was put together really well and flowed into each other week by week. It flowed like a journey, it was simple and yet touched on deep and real issues such as mental health and depression. It also provided safe and balanced ways to heal from a spiritual, health and neuroscience way.

The Maori content Te Whare Tapa Wha was provided in a respectful and inclusive manner, but more importantly as a valid health component in healing. The overall content fused Biblical principles, psycho social / modern psychology, neuroscience and personal testimonies together very effectively. It is my belief that this course would benefit anyone suffering from mental health, trauma,and any conditions that humanity typically suffer in this world full of its pains and sufferings. Finally, most spiritual and health practitioners will also recognise many of this course's methodologies and within their own practices. Thank you to all the  people involved in House on the Rock Counselling Ltd and blessings to you all, Nga mihi, Huia."                                                                 

— Huia

"One word that would sum up my course experience would be 'Resourced'.

The course content, and materials provided have encouraged me to go deeper in developing my relationship with God, whilst empowering me to make positive changes in the way that I think about and respond to people, situations, and myself."

— MC

"This course has been enjoyable, educational and encouraging. It is sad for it to be coming to an end."

— DW

"Thanks for running this course, for being faithful to God's faithfulness. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that lives are going to be touched, transformed and turned back towards life because you boldly said 'yes I will' and stepped out.

Thank you for sharing your story 'restoration' walking with the Restorer."


— SH

"A very safe and well run course that combines personal well-being with scripture. This course is most suited to Christians who are keen to develop their spirituality alongside emotional growth."

— Annonymous


"The Building Strong Foundations (BSF) course offered a safe, non-judgemental space to explore and strengthen my faith through increased knowledge and understanding of myself and God. Thank you to the team for your professionalism, care and dedication to helping people develop their faith."

— Chris

"I have found the course to be thought provoking, shining a light and strengthening areas in my life with insights that I wouldn't have otherwise had."

— Peter H

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