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Building Strong Foundations


Equipping you to stand firm in the storms of life

Building Strong Foundations is a Christian Spirituality course interwoven with Christian faith practices and counselling models as a way to explore and strengthen participants in their personal relationship with God and themselves. 

The course looks at what can get in the way of our secure attachment to God and may prevent us from having a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Participants will explore the following themes:


Can I trust God to love and care for me when I am going through a hard time? 


The role of the harsh inner critic and the Accuser.


Forming a Christ-centred identity as a child of God who is wanted, belongs, and is valued by God.

Building Strong Foundations is made up of eight weekly two-hour sessions including an optional day-long retreat, and is run during all four terms of the year.

Attend Building Strong Foundations for FREE or gift a koha / donation

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What We Provide


A safe space to be where you are at on your journey.


A warm, welcoming environment that facilitates connection and support.


Privacy and autonomy with regards to sharing personal information.

Three Golden Rules
  • Confidentiality

  • No judgement

  • No fixing


Participants share their experience of the Building Strong Foundations course below:

"This course has brought me back to use of scripture to bring healing and wholeness to myself and in my relationship with God."

— Lyn

"I think this course will strengthen any who choose to listen and engage. Well done it is beautiful. For me it brought to light certain internal feelings that I had but I was unable to see without God using this course."

— JB

"The team - you have been amazing, open, and always available. I appreciate the atmosphere of unity, peace, and love that abides here."

— RC

"A fantastic and safe time and space to self-reflect and check my emotional and spiritual foundations. So needed in the busyness of life."

— LL

"From the team to all the scriptures, knowledge gained on so many avenues of life, I have truly been blessed. Thank you for using all of your testimonies and building such a God-filled, open-hearted, kind, generous, and loving course. I have been given so many tools to take away and grow. I have already started!"

— Zoe

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Contact Info

Courses held on premises of

027 328 5213

Changepoint Church, 131 Poike Road, Hairini, Tauranga 3112