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What To Expect...

What to expect

Building Strong Foundations is a Christian Spirituality course that interweaves Christian faith practices of scripture reading, prayer, testimony and worship alongside counselling models as a way to explore and strengthen participants in their personal relationship with God and themselves.


Private reflection time during each of the sessions invites participants to engage with personal, explorative questions. Counselling models have been used to shape the questions, helping deepen self-awareness. These answers are written in journals and kept private from the group. 


The course involves group discussion and activities where information is shared at a general level. Personal disclosure is at the liberty of the participant and protected at all times.

Building Strong Foundations is suited to participants aged 16+ years. Everyone is welcome wherever they are at on their faith journey. There is a maximum of 20 participants on the course. 

What We Provide


A safe space to be where you are at on your journey.


A warm, welcoming environment that facilitates connection and support.


Privacy and autonomy with regards to sharing personal information.

Three Golden Rules

  • Confidentiality

  • No judgement

  • No fixing

What we provide


Building Strong Foundations is offered each term, there are two sessions available to choose from (AM and PM).

Term Four
Monday Night: 7pm-9pm
09 October - 27 November
Tuesday Morning: 9:30am-11:30am
10 October - 28 November
PLEASE NOTE: Building Strong Foundations will not take place during Labour Weekend, and will run across seven weeks (combining sessions 7 and 8) to finish at the end of November.
Register Here

The course is free-of-charge, participants are welcome to gift a koha / donation to assist with running costs. 

Terms and Conditions
Cancellation Policy 

Participants must contact HOTR at least three days prior to start date if they are not able to attend the course. This will allow their space to be filled.

If a session is missed, notes and handouts will be forwarded. 

What's on
  • Will I receive personal counselling on this course?
    Whilst counselling models are used to aid personal reflection; counselling is not provided during this course.
  • Is this group counselling? Will I be asked to share my personal journey with God and my struggles with the group?
    No, although counselling models are used to aid personal reflection, this is not group counselling. The course involves group discussion and activities where information is shared at a general level. Your personal information is protected at all times. You are not required to share this with any person in the group or on the course.
  • What happens if I become triggered during the course?
    We have a quiet, private space provided for participants should they become triggered during the course. A team member will check on you to check you are okay.
  • What are the group activities on the course? How am I expected to participate?
    Group activities consist of reading scripture, discussing the passage and answering questions. Groups are asked to recap what happened from the previous session.
  • What if I have mobility requirements?
    Level access and reserved parking close to the building will be provided.
  • What if I have social anxiety and find it hard to participate in a group?
    Please let us know, we have a support person available in the AM sessions.
  • What if I have a physical disability that prevents me from participating fully in some of the group activities (reading, writing, verbal)?
    Please let us know, we have a support person available in the AM sessions.
  • Will food and drink be provided?
    Yes, light refreshments will be provided. Please advise if you have any dietary requirements upon registration.
  • What happens if I miss a session?
    Notes from the session you missed will be emailed to you. Should you miss the first two sessions, our policy is for you to re-enrol in another Building Strong Foundations course as there has been too much information missed for you to gain the full benefit of the course.
  • What are the Christian spirituality practices?
    The Christian spirituality practices consist of: Scripture exploration, reading and discussion; opening and closing sessions with Karakia (prayer); Christian worship songs are played as well as live worship on the final session of the course; and Christian video testimonies.
  • Do I have to be a Christian to attend?
    The course is open to everyone who wishes to attend, and who would like to grow closer in their relationship with Jesus.
  • Is this course suitable for teenagers?
    The course is suited to participants aged 16+ years.
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