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Participants share their experience of the Building Strong Foundations course below:



This course has brought me back to use of scripture to bring healing and wholeness to myself and in my relationship with God.


I think this course will strengthen any who choose to listen and engage. Well done it is beautiful. For me it brought to light certain internal feelings that I had but I was unable to see without God using this course.

Jon Davy

Such a beautiful experience. I felt safe in a place that held grace, compassion, and God's love through all the team. A life changing course, I have learnt so much and feel I have grown and solidified my identity.


Such a beautiful and safe environment. The structure of the course makes it feel safe.


Wonderful to have a safe, nurturing environment to hear God's heart and to grow.


This course explored deep issues in a way that was respectful and safe. Topics which were triggering became opportunities to heal and walk in victory with God. I am a work-in-progress with God, bound by love, hope and grace.


This course has been very life-giving and faith-building. The way it incorporates healing throughout the sessions is a beautiful gift. It is without question just what I needed to be part of. I wish everyone could take part in the BSF course. There was so much to learn throughout the time together, covering trust, God's love for us, identity, renewing our minds from old beliefs, and more. I found myself looking forward to each session. Very thankful for the team and their loving input and for providing a safe space for us all.

Trent Fawcett

What an awesome course. The hospitality was great and it was a relaxing, no-pressure environment. It really felt like a trek up a mountain. Lots of learnings, challenges, but a well-earned view at the top.


As a more mature Christian, I found this course refreshing and re-engerising. It is easy to become complacent with our Christian journey, but after doing this course, I feel I have stepped up again and am happy to grow more in God, and be used by Him wherever He needs me.


There are no words. I can see / feel the change in myself between my first course and this one, and I am so grateful for that because I've always felt it wouldn't happen.


This course came at the right time in my life! I can feel a breakthrough on its way :)


I enjoyed the course. I have been on a journey of self-awareness for quite some time and I felt this course complimented this. I enjoyed seeing the growth of confidence in my husband. It was fun doing the course with him. Your leadership style gave freedom for everyone to be at their pace.


This has been an amazing course that has reinforced similar teaching and learning I have been doing over the last few years. It has been encouraging seeing strategies I have learnt by myself or through other spaces summarised in this course really well. Thank you so much for all the love and effort you have all poured into this course.

One thing I have really appreciated is how kind and warm you all are.


God showed me I'm on the right track and course on my journey. Confirmation came in the scriptures I read and the reflections. I prayed and on the course my experiences and knowledge of verses were repeated in the content of the course. Incorporating Te Reo in karakia respects whenua and whānau, God loves us all. I will do the course again, so much richness. Love to you.

P.S. I have a book of memories to read through again.


The team - you have been amazing, open, and always available. I appreciate the atmosphere of unity, peace, and love that abides here.


A safe space to share your ideas and thoughts, with no judgement. It gives you tools to use in different situations in your life. A lot of reference to scripture which reinforces things just so much better.

Helen Bryan

It has been really awesome - I have learnt how to 'glue myself to the Rock'. The testimonies really helped me and also showed me how to protect myself, I feel stronger in my faith - I now see that I'm saturated in God's love. Your passion and love has helped me receive healing. Thank you.


I really appreciate the practical tools and handouts to refer back to along the journey. I'm so grateful for the safe, caring atmosphere of the course and those that have presented it. Thank you for being a helpful and needed part of my healing journey.


I have so appreciated this course and revealing how shame has crippled so many areas. Glad to be renewing my mind and declaring my real identity.


I have really appreciated the safe space that the BSF course facilitates, along with the variety of materials and resources provided. I feel that the tools I have been given are useful and practical ones that I can take on my continuing journey. I feel strengthened in my identity in Christ, and encouraged with what I have learned.


I appreciate the space given to share thoughts / insights in a safe space. I am blessed by the God-centredness of the course, "a light shining on a hill." May the work you undertake prosper and bear much fruit. Thank you for your willingness to be open to God's leading for this course. Bless you all.

Suzanne Riley

My time in the BSF sessions was intense, powerful, jam-packed. This required me to unpack quite a lot, much of which I could only take a glance at within the session. The facilitators lead the sessions but God certainly has control, in a very personal way. I loved that there was no pressure other than turning up as far as expectations were concerned. But it gave a start to what could be, if I am willing to go on a very powerful journey... It's up to me, I have all the resources. With the very kind invitation to return, I think I will be back.


The servant-heartedness of the team shows the self-sacrificial love of Jesus. The atmosphere is born out of prayer for each of the participants and I have felt those prayers when I've come in. To know the prayer, love, that has gone into this course is what makes it the living course that truly ministers to us - the presence of the Holy Spirit who leads, guides and equips and inspires the team is truly present. I have more awareness of the enemy's schemes and have more tools in my toolbox to choose life and love and healing.


Another thank you for this course. You have helped me along in my journey with the Lord.


Refreshing. A refreshing drink from the well of living water.


The course has been an enriching experience.


Thank you so much for your willingness to share your journey's and heart aches, and relationship with God to help ours. You are such beautiful women and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to be on this course. I hope I can keep giving it the time and space to continue to be impacted and grow. But I know I have gold nuggets that will take me far into the future.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

Carla Townsend

I cannot speak highly enough of this course. I feel like it is what I have been looking for my entire life and would like the whole world to have the opportunity to do it!


A fantastic and safe time and space to self-reflect and check my emotional and spiritual foundations. So needed in the busyness of life.


From the team to all the scriptures, knowledge gained on so many avenues of life, I have truly been blessed. Thank you for using all of your testimonies and building such a God-filled, open-hearted, kind, generous, and loving course. I have been given so many tools to take away and grow. I have already started!

A Davy

I have loved the hospitality, openness, and calm approach toward me. I have loved the heart posture toward Te Reo Māori and embracing culture with utmost respect. I have loved the activities and forming openness with my group. Thank you.


Very insightful. The team are warm, loving - so encouraging, helpful and uplifting. Thank you for your support.


Even though I have been a Christian for a long time, it's good to re-look at our foundations. As time goes by you hardly notice that a foundation you are building on is slightly out of alignment. Doing this course helped me see areas where I had stopped living in the freedom God meant me to have. It's the little foxes that spoil the vine. So thank you.


It has been eye-opening. I have learned to reinforce my faith / trust in God. I have started a healing journey to love myself through God. I have renewed my faith and trust in God.


I love that through "the contract" put in place, the course is a safe place to share, I had no fear of saying what I thought or felt. Acceptance amazing! I learned so much about myself, about God, about how I see God, how He sees me and feels about me.

Talia Harvey

This is a beautifully packaged course. There are many powerful tools to help combat negative thoughts and shift towards God's truth, our identity in Him and security in being attached to Him. I feel empowered to renew my mind through these tools and to become completely new and Christ-centred.


Since becoming a Christian in 1986, I've attended numerous courses, this one has had more impact on my life than all the others. I wrote that I saw myself, and that God saw me, as "God's problem child". Week 6 was amazing. The revelation of who I am in Christ blew me away. Yep, they were things I knew in my head, but the revelation of that has transformed the way I live. In my head - I entered the course as "God's problem child", and I am leaving "more than a conqueror, created in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made, reconciled, chosen, a sacred temple of the Spirit of God".

I believe the scripture about renewing the mind is the most underrated scripture by many Christians, understanding what that really means is a major key to winning the battle in the mind, and this course teaches that. Finally, my wife and I were talking the other day, and she said "I was thinking about you, and I thought - "He's changed, his attitude has changed". And I thought "What happened?" Then I thought "it must be the course".


Thank you so much for your wisdom, humility, vulnerability, compassion, and love. You have been ministers of reconciliation through this course and you shine out the beauty of Christ and our new creation and lives walked out in the spirit. Thank you for your beautiful example of this and all the inner journeying you've done and hard work in putting it together. It has been a special time.


Such a safe, loving place that allows for personal growth at an individual pace. I've been a committed follower of Christ for 30 years, but I loved the challenges of my beliefs of God and things I think. Loved the personal testimonies and the (video) clips that were so intentional.


Such an amazing, gifted team of servant-hearted people. And yes I have found this to be a safe place to just be, learn, grow, while receiving love, kindness, encouragement.

I have loved journeying with the girls in my group!! Really precious time! Thank you!

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