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Meet the Team

Our team is made up of volunteers who represent a wide variety of ages, and experiences. Together they bring a combined passion to see healing and wholeness restored in community.

Meet the team
Sea Shore

Our Story

During Bronwyn's study to become a qualified counsellor, she undertook a research paper on spirituality and its role of healing in the counselling profession (nationally and internationally). Whilst she discovered spirituality plays a significant role in the healing of the individual, there was very little combination of Christian spirituality and counselling being used in the profession.

Shortly after this discovery, Bronwyn and a colleague were invited to address the issue of anxiety using counselling methods and Christian spirituality at a local church. They spoke to young girls aged 12-14 years. The evening was successful and Bronwyn realised the significant need for practical application of both Christian spirituality and counselling tools to equip people in their personal journey to aid restoration. This ushered in a two-and-a-half-year process of writing the Building Strong Foundations  course, combining Bronwyn's personal testimony of healing and restoration through her relationship with God, as well as learnings from her counselling degree.

Key Staff

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